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Key tips for Losing Weight. Usefull information for dieters:

    Reduce rate of eating
  • Keep food records.
  • Eliminate environmental triggers to eating.
  • Identify high-risk situations for overeating.
  • Uncouple eating from other activities.

    Diet & fitness plans

  • Consider the following plans:

  • Confront psychological barriers to exercise.
  • Understand mechanisms linking exercise to weight control.
  • Establish reasonable exercise goals.
  • Integrate increased activity into daily lifestyle.


  • Develop reasonable weight-loss goals.
  • Avoid "all or none" thinking.
  • Focus attention away from the scale and toward behavior.
  • Uncouple weight from self-esteem.
  • Recover from lapses with constructive action (relapse prevention).

  • Understand the key role of social support to health.
  • Identify supportive others.
  • Match personal style to support-seeking activities.
  • Be specific in making support requests.
  • Be assertive but reinforcing in drawing help from others.

  • Resist the lure of popular fad diets.
  • Develop pro-health rather than restriction mentality about eating.
  • Eat with moderation in mind.
  • Maximize fiber.
  • Develop a tailored plan.

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